miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

English for young children with very little or not previous experience with the language

If you want to provide children a real feeling for English with its sounds and rhythms, the emphasis is solely on listening and speaking; there is no need for them to read or write anywhere. This come later, once the foundations have been laid.

All the learning that takes place at this very early stage should be motivating and non-threatening.

Children should develop an attitude towards language learning which is positive both interms of how they view the language itself and their own ability to learn it and use it with confidence. It is generally recognized that, in the same way as children learn their own language, pupils learning a foreign language can cope with hearing and understanding considerably more than they can produce. In fact they need this richer imput, much of which will slowly and gradually be absorbed, internalized, and eventually produced.

I`d to share with you two links that I use frequently:



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  1. Hi, Annie! thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I'm an ESL printables member, too (not a very active one, lately)!
    I hope we can keep in touch and sharing about web 2.0 resources that we find useful for the EFL classrooms.
    I strongly recommend you (in case you didn't know, maybe you do)to take EVO TESOL courses in January- February. They're great!!
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